<![CDATA[St. Bartholomew's Catholic Church Norbury (Streatham) SW16 5DE - Confirmation Blog 2019]]>Tue, 29 Sep 2020 14:56:33 +0100Weebly<![CDATA[The Gifts of The Holy Spirit + Prayer]]>Wed, 03 Apr 2019 22:12:05 GMThttp://stbartsnorbury.co.uk/confirmation-blog-2019/the-gifts-of-the-holy-spiritOn 27 March we looked at the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We considered what gifts and talents we have been given and how we can best use them.

The focus on 3 April was on prayer we considered the key questions: Why we pray? How we pray? When do we pray?

In preparation for an upcoming mass led by the confirmandi, the group began writing their own bidding prayers, which will be included.

They also wrote their own personal prayer in the hope that they would build their own personal habits of prayer, as it is their own line of communication to God.

<![CDATA[Flame 2019]]>Mon, 04 Mar 2019 12:13:00 GMThttp://stbartsnorbury.co.uk/confirmation-blog-2019/flame-2019St. Bart’s Confirmation group went to Flame 2019 on 2 March at the Wembley SSE arena. We were part of 8000+ like-minded Catholics. It was organised by CYMFED - Catholic Youth Ministry Federation with key note guests and speakers including: Guvna B, Emma Borquaye, Jean Varnier, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop Eaton Martin, Robert Madu, plays by RISE theatre and music by Tim Hughes. All of whom were absolutely inspiring, entertaining and made the day #Significant!

We were welcomed by artwork by Marcel and Music by Premier Gospel’s own Candice McKenzie and Ibe “giant killer” who gave one of the first shout-outs to St. Bart’s Confirmation group! We went on to have modern music, plays and awe-inspiring talks. We even had our very own Zara at the event singing with the gospel choir who sang Stormy’s Blinded by your Grace and Amazing Grace. Which preceded an 8000+ persons Benediction, an experience we certainly will not forget.

The theme of the day was #Significance, the message that was very well delivered was that the Youth in our Church are the people who are at the forefront of all that is good and we must place our trust in them to allow them to do the work of God by running their own race, keeping in their lane and keeping their eyes on Jesus. They are the ones who will make #Significant contributions to make our world a better place!
<![CDATA[The Person of Jesus]]>Mon, 04 Mar 2019 12:09:05 GMThttp://stbartsnorbury.co.uk/confirmation-blog-2019/the-person-of-jesusIn today's session (27 February) we explored the person of Jesus in more detail. We began by exploring the question - "Did Jesus Christ really exist?" The life and work of Jesus Christ are probably better attested than that of any other person in the ancient world. He is known to us through historical references and biblical documents, including accounts in the Gospels within the New Testament, retold to us by the disciples. This allows us to explore Jesus the man and become closer to him.

We looked at a range of biblical stories from the New Testament and acted them out, to find out more about Jesus’ character to add to our initial thoughts. 
<![CDATA[February Away-day - Catholic Social Teaching]]>Sun, 10 Feb 2019 22:56:54 GMThttp://stbartsnorbury.co.uk/confirmation-blog-2019/february-away-day-catholic-social-teachingOn Saturday 9 February the confirmation candidates had an away-day at the British Home in Beulah Hill. The theme for the day was Catholic Social Teaching. 

Candidates found out more about about Secret Church, a charity which tries to address the right of people being able to practise their faith without fear of persecution. In Eritrea for example, people practice their faith in disused shipping containers. The candidates had an opportunity to place themselves in an imaginary container, praying and singing as quietly as possible so that they were not overheard.
Following lunch, the candidates enjoyed Benediction a time for reflection and to become closer to God. This reflection and closeness to God, put candidates in good stead to then write to persecuted Christians, with words of comfort and support. 
The day then ended with a quiz, where the candidates were joined by some of the British Home residents.
<![CDATA[I am named. I am known. I am called.]]>Wed, 16 Jan 2019 22:16:01 GMThttp://stbartsnorbury.co.uk/confirmation-blog-2019/i-am-named-i-am-known-i-am-calledIn today’s session the candidates explored the seven sacraments and how each one allowed us as Christians to become closer to God. The candidates concluded that the sacrament of Confirmation was the renewal of the promises made by their parents in Baptism. At the end of the session candidates all had the opportunity to renew their baptismal promises.
Another element of the evening consisted of exploring how we can be more like a “Super Christian”. Candidates agreed that Jesus was the “Super Christian” we were striving to be more alike, although we agreed that this was difficult to do 100% of the time, and in fact Jesus himself struggled in his own journey. 

<![CDATA[Welcome to St. Bart's Confirmation Programme 2019]]>Wed, 09 Jan 2019 23:21:53 GMThttp://stbartsnorbury.co.uk/confirmation-blog-2019/welcome-to-st-barts-confirmation-programme-2019]]>